Forever Young

its been a year
Monday, May 9, 2016 ? 0 Atashinchi ?

its been a year i never post anything in this blog.. well nowadays its not make sense for me to post anything and i have nothing to write.. Well i am doing good in my study insyallah in my life also.

i think its a bit cliche to write about my life so just lets assume i just write about what i think in past few hours..

Nowadays i jut want to achieve my life goal.. which are

1. graduate with flying color in my diploma
2.spent my time wisely with my beloved parents
3. have a great time with my friends that i love very much
4. knowing allah more.

do not assume i put my life goal about allah no 4 doesn't make allah its not priority.. its my priority..

actually people this era like to assume with their own perception including me to. so i like to change my behavior towards this attitude.

well i am in my mid sem holiday. hmmm not much activity i do it. just 'lepak' (malaysian language instead of hang out).

Thanks for reading :)

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