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Friday, August 15, 2014 ? 0 Atashinchi ?
Assalamualaikum for all blog readers.. maybe dah lama tak update and the blog dah start berhabuk.. terlalu sibuk with my LADANG sampai tak dapat nak mengupdatekan blog ni..

First of all, just wanna to share that i have further my study at UITM ARAU.. in Diploma Planting In Management (DPIM).. best course because in my life im never mencangkul.. bercucuk tanam.. and its my first experience..Before i went to UITM ARAU.. i did not like this course because its like Pengurusan Ladang.. orang akan membuat macam-macam spekulasi di mana.. budak SBP amik ladang.. i have my own way to choose in my life.. not everyone want to become Doctor,Nurse,Lawyer.. i just want to help human to get food and i can help my parents when they become old with all my knowledge that i have..

this is my classmates

That is my classmates in my course.. You all can look that we have only 4 boys in our class.. sound funny.. but they are awesome guy.. i just love to be friend with them but i also did not like certain people in my class.. Seriously diorang awesome.. dekat universiti la kita perlu pandai mengenal kawan takot-takot nanti kita akan ke arah lain.. 

Actually i did not have any idea but this is the best idea because i want u all know my friends.. after high school now i been in university.. love from me #AT110 #ATD1Am

heroine in my class

during Bakti Siswa

At Ladang


My friends

Thanks for reading :)

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