Forever Young

Sunday, December 1, 2013 ? 0 Atashinchi ? this time everyone is sleeping and i'm was writing in my blog...when  hear the song from one direction title story of my life..i'm kinda miss my friends a lot..i cannot prove to them but in deep of my all are the important person in my life..let me introduce my friends..because i want you all know about how good our friendship..

this picture make i remember about their all...this is story about my friends and i

in form 1..when i came to SMSKB i only know AFIQIN and HANA because they are the same school as me..i wear a long hijab because before  enter SMSKB.. I been studied in SMKA(P) AL-MASHOOR..tiap2 mnggu boleh outing dengan family..

i'm grown up because im n form 2..i been studied in 2 Alpha..too many conflict in that clas..tarik tdung,cekik leher..hahaha so many problems..but i don't mnd..because i started to know AIN,BAHJAH,ILY, and the other..

FORM 3..OMG PMR..makes me feel scared.. we started to know about unity..with this word..i know a lot of friends that help me to achieve a good result.. i studied in 3 Sigma and i know my new friend which are HANANI AHMAD,FIRRA,ADIRA,.they are my friends in my class..

FORM's like a heaven because i already finish my PMR..i'm been in 4 Chromium..and i know AIMI NAZRI,ARIFAH,YANA,ELLE,HANI..we are close to each other..and share our problems together,,

FORM like a senior year for us..because we all are going to finish our study..i started to been closed with SYAFIKA,ANIS,ATIYAH AND MURNI...they all are my friends..they help me in my exam because i'm do not good in many subjects..

ATER SPM..i sleep without my friends,wake up without my friends,eat without them, anything without them..i feel lonely..facebook,twitther,what's app and message can connect us..and for me my love to them still strong..because they all are good friends for me..

THANK YOU for being my friends..sanggup layan perangai aku..jaga aku time sakit...bash aku..jkjkjk..aku akan ingat ampa sampai bila2

Thanks for reading :)

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