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its been a year
Monday, May 9, 2016 ? 0 Atashinchi ?

its been a year i never post anything in this blog.. well nowadays its not make sense for me to post anything and i have nothing to write.. Well i am doing good in my study insyallah in my life also.

i think its a bit cliche to write about my life so just lets assume i just write about what i think in past few hours..

Nowadays i jut want to achieve my life goal.. which are

1. graduate with flying color in my diploma
2.spent my time wisely with my beloved parents
3. have a great time with my friends that i love very much
4. knowing allah more.

do not assume i put my life goal about allah no 4 doesn't make allah its not priority.. its my priority..

actually people this era like to assume with their own perception including me to. so i like to change my behavior towards this attitude.

well i am in my mid sem holiday. hmmm not much activity i do it. just 'lepak' (malaysian language instead of hang out).

Thanks for reading :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015 ? 0 Atashinchi ?
Assalamualaikum.. Peace be upon you

Agak lama jugak menyepi.. too many works to do.. and new responsibility i get. Past semester was a bit busy towards we have many work to been done.. expo,mini project and many test and quiz matters.

Tapi kali ini. just nak upload a few picture about our expo. nothing more.. which this is an online diary, so i just use it. (Penat speaking. even orang tak suruh pon)

Kali ini. aku dapat pergi ke kem at langkawi which is quite good

Then... after balik dari kem.. focus more on. expo which is the main event for this sem.. penat handle event tu jangan cakap.. tak tidor berapa hari.. dok siap projek HERBS GARDEN. Group aku consists Asmidar,Raihan,Hidayah,Alliya. Thanks a lot for their effort our project been selected to put in gallery.. 

Best gila bila dapat tahu, projek tu terpilih.. kira macam penat tu berbalas.. thanks untuk semua kali ini.. batch yang terbaik.. DPIM 82.. but ZEALOUS will never been forget... thanks semua kerana mengisi memori aku untuk semester 2 kali ini.. nothing more nothing less,,,

Thanks for reading :)

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